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Inpatient Care Centers

Hospice of Hamilton provides four inpatient care centers throughout Southwest Ohio. Each care center features beautifully decorated private rooms with many of the amenities of home. These care centers provide short-term support for patients and families. Patients receive management of symptoms which can be difficult to manage at home. Family members are relieved of the stress of care-giving for short periods of time. Please call us to arrange a visit or tour of our facilities.
We would be honored to show you around and answer your family's questions.

Blue Ash Inpatient Care Center     Blue Ash
Hospice of Cincinnati
4310 Cooper Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
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    East Inpatient Care Center     East
Hospice of Cincinnati
at Mercy Health Plaza
7691 Five Mile Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45230
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Hamilton Inpatient Care Center   Hamilton
Hospice of Hamilton
1010 Eaton Ave
Hamilton, OH 45013
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  Western Hills Inpatient Care Center   West
Hospice of Cincinnati
at Twin Towers
5343 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45224
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A Typical Experience – The Dawson Family

Mia Dawson had been chronically ill for years. She started experiencing increased chest pain and respiratory distress due to heart disease, and the treatments that used to work in the past were no longer working. So Mia was admitted to the hospital. The hospital physician determined that Mia's heart disease was nearing end-stage and she had less than six months to live.

Mia spent five days at the hospital and was still experiencing ongoing fatigue and circulatory problems. It became clear that she would need round-the-clock professional care to manage her symptoms and to keep her as comfortable as possible.

The hospital physician suggested to Mia and her family that hospice care would be the best way to continue keeping Mia as comfortable as possible. A meeting was quickly arranged with a Hospice nurse to discuss Mia’s condition, and it was determined that admission to Hospice of Hamilton’s Inpatient Care Center was appropriate. A detailed plan of care was developed for Mia based on the physician’s orders and recommendations.

The Hospice of Hamilton nurse took care of all the arrangements and assisted with Mia’s transfer to our Hamilton Inpatient Care Center that same day. When Mia arrived at the care center, she was greeted by a member of her care team who helped her settle into her private room and feel welcome in her new surroundings. An admission nurse worked closely with family members to complete consent forms and prepare them for what to expect next.

Mia immediately began feeling better as her symptoms were managed aggressively by a team of highly-skilled, caring professionals including physicians, RNs and nurses aides. In addition, Hospice social workers, chaplains and volunteers provided additional support to help Mia and her family prepare for the final stages of life.

Visiting hours were 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mia was able to spend quality time with her family and assure them that she was ready to go. She also enjoyed additional visits from compassionate Hospice volunteers who shared their time and talents with her. From time to time, Mia’s symptoms changed and her care was immediately modified to alleviate any pain or respiratory issues that occurred.

On her third day at the care center, Mia’s illness progressed to the final stages, and her life came to a peaceful end with the loving support of her family all around her. All family members had a chance to speak their hearts and say their goodbyes and were as prepared as one can be for the grievous loss of their loved one. A Hospice nurse confirmed Mia's death and helped prepare her body for the trip to the funeral home.

The months that followed were difficult at times for Mia's family. Occasionally, they received a call from bereavement counselors at Hospice of Hamilton's who offered Logotheir support and encouragement through the grieving process. For Mia’s family, the calls were a welcome, friendly voice from a team of caring people that would forever hold a dear place in their hearts.